I'm Sander Hendrickx. Below you will find the things I'm passionate about. Designing, building and programming a variety of things, going on adventures and swingdancing.

As the doc always says "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."


Everybody loves robots! Except maybe Sarah Connor. She seemed pretty terrified back in 1984. Here are a few helping you with some every day life essentials such as filling in those sudokus and solving your Rubik's Cube. Who cares about Skynet becoming self-aware and taking over the world, when you can have Artificial Intelligence playing Tetris instead! And while my robots are plotting world domination, I use my free time for a variety of other projects - and dancing.

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I love hiking, I love the mountains. When in 40 years from now I'm sitting by the fireplace, I want to tell my hypothetical grandchildren about my experiences, not about the dreams I had.

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In 2005 I hiked the West Highland Way through Scotland. At the time, I had no idea what hiking was about.
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April to September 2018 I hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail. 2650 miles - 4265 km - from Mexico to Canada.
Apalachian Trail. A reminder to myself that there are two other long distance trails across the Atlantic to be hiked.
Continental Divide Trail.

Lindy Hop

October 2016 I took my first dance class, taking a leap into the unknown. Little did I know it would soon turn my life upside down as I started going to social dances whenever I could. And when I couldn't, I spent countless hours watching videos getting inspired. Follow the link below to submerge yourself into the world of swing.

Dance dance dance

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing - Duke Ellington