Welcome to my webpage. I am Sander Hendrickx. I walk, dance and help Skynet become self-aware.

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Things I do and love doing

Pacific Crest Trail 2018 - Hiking roughly 2659 miles from Mexico to Canada over the course of 5 months.
To Canada!
Blues, Lindy Hop and Jazz. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing - Duke Ellington
Dance dance dance
Coding & Robotics

A variety of hobby projects about coding, robotics and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence playing Tetris and robots solving the 80's biggest source of frustration.
Watch robots

About me

Apart from the big three above, other things I love include mathematics - astrophysics - programming - british humour - artificial intelligence - NES - late nights - mountains - MacGuyver - game development - wine gums - Lego - boardgames - Java - Rubik's cube - robotics - Star Wars - long talks - even longer walks - thunderstorms - piano - Back to the Future - chess - the 80's - science - wittiness - nostalgia - Lord of the Rings - the little things - poker - the Shawshank redemption and finding Waldo.


Creating these projects, I learned a thing or two. Some more useful than others; including anything with a tutorial on the internet - Raspberry Pi - mathematics - Java and popular frameworks - lua - Javascript - analytical thinker - recite a few 100 digits of Pi - tinkerer - python - Arduino - solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded - CSS - HTML - JQuery and swing dancing.

* not limited to