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I am Sander Hendrickx. I build robots and help Skynet become self-aware.
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Some of the things I designed, built and programmed.

Bartop Arcade

Designed and built this bartop arcade from scratch. Did some research, ordered arcade buttons online and went out to buy a piece of wood. It hosts a Raspberry Pi which runs RetroPie and an Arduino Leonardo to control the buttons.

Rubik's Cube solver

I've built and programmed several robots that can solve any Rubik's Cube. The latest version, using 2 Lego Mindstorms NXT kits for a total of 6 motors, can solve any cube in about 12 seconds.

Artificial Intelligence playing Tetris

Artificial Intelligence playing the legendary game of Tetris. First a Java clone capable of clearing several million(!) lines, which I later ported to Lua so it can play the original NES Tetris game on an emulator to a maximum score of 999999.

Project gallery

Pictures and screenshots of a variety of projects I created in my spare time.
Ranging from robots over game development to aritifical intelligence and beyond.

For more video's, please check my YouTube channel
"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."
- Doc Emmett Brown

About me

I love mathematics - astrophysics - Lindy Hop - programming - british humour - artificial intelligence - NES - late nights - mountains - MacGuyver - game development - wine gums - Lego - boardgames - Java - Rubik's cube - robotics - Star Wars - long talks - even longer walks - thunderstorms - piano - Back to the Future - chess - the 80's - science - wittiness - nostalgia - Lord of the Rings - the little things - poker - the Shawshank redemption - swing Jazz and finding Waldo.

When not working on some mathematically inspired projects, I love to go out for a walk or dance the night away at a Lindy Hop social dance.


Creating these projects, I learned a thing or two. Some more useful than others; including anything with a tutorial on the internet - Raspberry Pi - mathematics - Java and popular frameworks - lua - Javascript - analytical thinker - recite a few 100 digits of Pi - tinkerer - python - Arduino - solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded - CSS - HTML - JQuery

* not limited to