Console & Controllers

August 2016
controller case finished controller console

Plug-and-play controllers and console running RetroPie. The question-mark box contains a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. Simply hook up your screen or beamer to it through HDMI and plug in a few of my homemade controllers to have some genuine arcade fun.

Bartop Arcade

March / April 2016

Homemade bartop arcade cabinet using an Arduino Leonardo and Raspberry Pi. Finished cabinet houses a Raspberry Pi, Arduino Leonardo connected to the buttons to act as controller, 2 speakers connected to an amplifier, backlit marquee and a 19inch screen for the ultimate arcade experience =)

connected buttons soldering
connected buttons soldering

WiFi connected Lego houses

November 2015

2 LEGO houses connected with eachother over WiFi so they can be anywhere in the world. Perfect to stay in touch with a long distance relation in a fun way. Click the chimney button to light up the display of the other house with a message. Or send a custom message with your smartphone. Simply put the house on your work desk or nightstand =) For more info on how to make them yourself, source code, detailed list of hardware material and what not please check it out on!

Plexi version so you can see the internal hardware. Instead of a display, one of the houses has two chained RGB leds and a rotary sensor to change lighting colour across the spectrum.

Plexi houses Plexi houses

September 2016 - decided to upgrade the look of the Lego version a bit.

White Lego houses White Lego houses