Javascript Zelda

November 2015

Legend of Zelda in Javascript, proof of concept. Programmed from scratch without using any external libraries. Movement is done with a scrolling map rather than a fixed room which scrolls as a whole. All basic functionality is working.

Javascript Sokoban

June 2014

After the Java version, I rather quickly remade it in Javascript to make it playable online. This is actually how I got started with Javascript in the first place. Self-made Java Applets no longer working in most browsers due to security issues.

Title screen Level 1

Java Sokoban

May 2014
Opening screen of the original game Level 1 of the original game

Legend of Zelda themed clone of the 80's classic puzzle game Sokoban =) Same functionality as the original. Levels are loaded from a .txt file found on this Sokoban site. The current file has the original 90 levels, but any file from that site will work, giving acces to thousands of puzzles to solve.

Level 1 of my Java clone Solving puzzles Select level

Java Game Engine

January 2014

Basic RPG Game engine. Built without any prior knowledge of game development. Thanks to StackOverflow, Google and lots of youtube tutorials =)

Overworld Shop Dungeon

Map maker

January 2014

To create worlds for the Java Game Engine, I wrote a map maker tool. You can load tilesets into the maker to create maps in 3 layers. Background, foreground and objects (which interact with PCs and NPCs). Maps are saves as .txt which can be loaded into the above game engine.

Mapmaker Mapmaker