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March 22nd 2020

Solo Jazz Routines

Famous authentic jazz routines from the swing era

February 2020

Ghent Bar Crawl

Finding an optimal solution to the Travelling Salesman Problem visiting 237 pubs in my hometown Ghent.

September 2019

Walker's Haute Route

After finishing the Haute Route Pyrenees, I went to Switzerland to hike the Walker's Haute Route. From Zermatt to Chamonix, Matterhorn to Mont Blanc.

August 2019

Haute Route Pyrenees

Hiking from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean sea across the Pyrenees. Following the Haute Route high up in the mountains along the French Spanish border, nestled in between the more famous GR10 and GR11.

January 2017

LEGO Cube robot

Old projects part 2. Robot solving cubes much faster than you can peel off stickers. Built with LEGO, programmed in Java. Running on 2 mindstorms modules.

January 2016

Tetris AI

Old projects part 1. AI playing 8bit Tetris until the game runs out of memory and crashes. Genetic evolution. First written in Java to train. Later ported to Lua, running on the BizHawk emulator.

May 2019

West Highland Way

Scotland's most famous trail, winding 150 km hike through the highlands. Starting just outside of Glasgow, it runs north along Loch Lomon to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis.

Summer 2018

Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking from the Mexican border to Canada across the United States.