Sander Hendrickx

Dancer Hiker Coder

Sander Hendrickx

Dancer Hiker Coder
"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."
Dr. Emmett Brown


Everybody loves robots! Except maybe Sarah Connor. She seemed pretty terrified back in 1984. Here are a few helping you with some every day life essentials such as filling in those sudokus and solving your Rubik's Cube. Who cares about Skynet becoming self-aware and taking over the world, when you can have Artificial Intelligence playing Tetris instead! And while my robots are plotting world domination, I use my free time to learn new skills - and dancing.

Rubik's Cube Solver
Lego Java Robotics

Lego robot solving any cube in ~12 seconds.
Connected Lego Houses
Lego IoT Arduino C++
View on Hackster
Move over WhatsApp. WiFi connected LEGO houses are here! Simply press the button for instant messaging.
NES Tetris AI
NES Tetris AI Lua

Artificial Intelligence playing - butchering - the original 8bit NES Tetris. After hitting 999.999 I got bored and turned it off. Written in LUA running on the BizHawk emulator <nerd>
Tetris AI
Tetris AI Java
Download .jar
NES Tetris is fun for a while. Time to get serious. This Java clone completes about 1000 lines per second on my old computer.
Flux Capacitor
Time travel 1.21 Gigawatts BTTF

This is what makes time travel possible. Ongoing research, but feeling optimistic. As the Doc always says: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything".
AI playing 2048
2048 Java AI

Smashing the down and right arrow, playing 2048 can be relaxing. Then your lazy nature kicks in and you write an AI to do it for you.
Count Sudooku
Lego Java Robotics Sudoku

Solves your paper sudoku's for you. Designed for lazy people who still want to boast with their sudoku solving skills.
RPG Game engine POC
Java Game Development

8bit Link lost in a 16bit world. Java proof of concept - no external libraries used. Includes a tool to create worlds and dungeons. I hope the poor guy finds his way back to Hyrule.
Connect Four
Lego Java Connect 4

Get creative when a lack of available friends to play against presents itself. Be prepared to lose though. It does not care about your feelings.
General Lee
Lego C++ PID Line follower

Dumb robot, only capable of following a line. But pretty good at doing so. My first ever - working - robot!


I love hiking, I love the mountains. When in 40 years from now I'm sitting by thefireplace, I want to tell my hypothetical grandchildren about my experiences, not about the dreams I had. After I hiked the West Highland Way over a decade ago, I did some minor trips in the Alps. It wasn't until 2018 though that I went on a bigger hiking adventure. And what an adventure it was.

West Highland Way
93 mi   |   150 km   |   8 days
Glasgow to Fort William
Pacific Crest Trail
2650 mi   |   4265 km   |   139 days
Mexico to Canada
Forest of Fontainebleau
44 mi   |   72 km   |   2 days
72km Forest loop
Haute Route Pyrenees
497 mi   |   800 km
Atlantic to Mediterrenean
Appalachian Trail
2200 mi   |   3540 km
Georgia to Maine
Continental Divide Trail
3100 mi   |   4989 km
Mexico to Canada
Via Alpina Red Trail
1490(?) mi   |   2400(?) km
Trieste to Monaco
Te Araroa
1864 mi   |   3000 km
Crossing New Zealand

Lindy Hop

October 2016 I took my first dance class, taking a leap into the unknown. Little did I know it would soon turn my life upside down as I started going to social dances whenever I could. And when I couldn't, I spent countless hours watching videos getting inspired. Follow the link below to submerge yourself into the world of swing.

Dance dance dance

It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing - Duke Ellington