Hi. I'm Sander. I write code, dance Lindy Hop and on occasion go for a long walk in the mountains.

A somewhat relevant list about me

  1. Wanted to become a crazy inventor like Dr. Emmett Brown
  2. Good at finding Waldo
  3. Studied Astrophysics
  4. Like to channel my inner MacGyver
  5. Swing out to the tunes of Count Basie and Duke Ellington
  6. Childhood crush.. Winona forever!
  7. Thunderstorms are neat if you're inside
  8. I live in Ghent, BE. It has castles
  9. Working on a Flux Capacitor. 1.21 Gigawatts. Great Scott!
  10. Hiking is nice
  11. Hiking across a mountain range is nicer
  12. Is that person confident or knowledgeable?
  13. Slow down and enjoy the little things
  14. Black holes are fun
  15. Solves Rubik's Cubes for breakfast
  16. Whatever you do, do it with passion
  17. Inquisitive by nature
  18. Tries to get every reference in Rick and Morty
  19. I like Pi. I also like pie
  20. Titanic is an ok movie
  21. Helping Skynet to become self-aware
  22. Science is not an opinion
  23. Have a great day!