Coding, robotics and other projects

Astronomy Picture of the Day

February 2021

Astronomy Picture of the Day - APDO in short - is a website from NASA posting an astronomy picture including a short explanation on a daily base. Since 1995. I wrote a script that parses their archive into a database so you can search for images by keyword.

Sudoku solver

September 2020

Proof of concept with some homemade image processing and machine learning. Hold a paper sudoku in front of your webcam and see the solution projected on the image in realtime. Because who doesn't want to spend their free weekend brushing up their geometry skills.

Ghent Bar Crawl

February 2020

When you want to go for a drink and instead spend the whole weekend writing scripts in various languages to create the optimal route to all bars in your hometown. An optimal solution for TSP - Travelling Salesman Problem - for several hundred pubs in Ghent.

LEGO Cube robot

January 2017

After solving plenty of cubes myself in a previous life, I decided to jump on the "robots will take our jobs" train and build one that is better at solving cubes than I am. Using 2 old LEGO Mindstorm NXT modules, I managed to build and program one that solves any cube in about 12 seconds.

Tetris AI

January 2016

A genetic algorithm that trains itself to play Tetris. Originally written in Java, I later ported it to LUA so I could hook it up to a NES emulator. Where it went on to destroy the original Tetris game.