San Diego

Day 0 · 25/04 · 0.0 miles

After the wonderful trainride to San Diego, I got picked up by someone helping out Scout & Frodo. Another quick stop at the airport to pick up 2 more hikers - funny how easy you recognize them by their gear. Most people did their homework and got the same stuff - and we're off to my hosts for the next few days.
This place is amazing. Scout and Frodo - their trail nicknames - host over 1100(!) different pct hikers from all over the world in little over one month. Drive around 30 people to the southern trail monument each morning, while picking up 30 new at the train station and airport during the day. In between all the other things they do.

Their garage is set up as a work station for putting together resupply boxes to mail to yourself along the trail. Furthermore it's a tiny warehouse as they allow non-US hikers to order gear in the US and have it delivered to their house. I had two packages waiting for me.

Every evening at 18h there is dinner in the backyard after which they have their dinner talk. Advice on how to act on trail intertwined with stories from their own PCT thru-hike. Quiet entertaining! My second day with them I went to the outfitter to get microspikes and a bear canister for the Sierra Nevada. Afterwards we walked to the supermarket to get some food for the first few days. I feel completely lost and end up with a bit of everything. Oatmeal, mashed potatoes. ramen noodles and a whole lot of snacks.

Pictured above is everything I am taking with me. Total weight just below 7kg. Great according to European hiking standard. Over here, mediocre at best. Filled my bear canister with my microspikes, a bunch of food and went to the post office to mail it to Bear Grumpy resort in Kennedy Meadows. This is where you leave the desert behind after 702 miles and enter the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
On my final evening at Scout and Frodo, there was a small guitar sing along session in the evening. It felt like a fitting end to my wonderful time here. I easily could have stayed for another week. But the trail awaits.

Wake up at 5, pack up, have breakfast and we leave for the Southern terminus a bit before 6h with about 25 hikers.