Campo to Lake Morena

Day 1 · 26/04 · 20.0 miles

Early morning wakeup call. After a relatively short drive, we arrive at the Southern terminus in Campo just after 7h. After taking the group photo of today's starters and some pictures at the terminus monument, I walked out with a Hans from Denmark who had - like me - spent the past few days at Scout and Frodo. The first 20 miles - that's about 32 km - are a waterless stretch so you have to carry all your water from the start. 6L of water is heavy! Feels like at least 6kg. But I don't have much to spare when we finally make it to Lake Morena late afternoon. We put up our tents, grab a cheeseburger at the camp store and go to bed around 20h.

Today was incredibly hot, dusty, no shade and plenty of PUDs - pointless up and downs. And this isn't even the real (Mojave) desert yet. After all the excitement at the terminus, this first day stretch dragged us back to reality. This might take some planning. We decide to start really early next day - wake up at 4h30 - to get some miles in before the heat takes over.