From dusk till dawn

Day 10 · 05/05 · 23.1 miles

An unplanned saunter from dusk till dawn. Ray Ray had set his alarm. I woke up the others just after 5 in the morning. Hike 7.5 miles from Muir Woods to breakfast at the Paradise Valley cafe.

After yet another splendid breakfast - I start noticing a theme here - Ray Ray bought us a morning beer. Back on trail just before 10. I really wanted to get to Spitler Peak, another 17.7 miles not counting water detours.

Part of the trail is still closed in this region due to forest fires in 2013. The closure starts at the peak. I anticipated to get there by 17h in the afternoon. I made it by 19h10. I quickly put up my tent and took some wonderful photos of the sun setting behind the mountains. Hiking from dusk till dawn. 25.7 miles total. When I finally crawled into my sleeping bag, I felt both exhausted and accomplished.

Note to self; next time look at the elevation profile. Actually I did look at it. Literally. Nice pointy red line. My brain just didn't process any of the actual information on it.