Oregon Skyline trail

Day 103 · 06/08 · 28.3 miles

Halfway through the morning, we hit Windigo Pass. There is a water cache and a dirt road leading to the OST - Oregon Skyline trail. This trail passes by some lakes and has a more direct route to Shelter Cove resort, where we are going tomorrow for some food, shower and minor resupply.

We opt to take the ost instead of the pct. Lakes are always nice. The first one is supposed to have a beach of sorts. The trail leading up to the lake is rather disappointing. The skyline limits itself to an infinite amount of trees in every direction. The water of the lake is rather dirty, and that's saying something coming from hikers who hardly remember what a shower looks like. Still a pretty decent lunchspot though.

We are lazy for a while and finally hike on to Diamond Lake late afternoon. The trail is incredibly dusty. Put up our tents a bit after six and go for a swim in this lake.Hardly any rocks and great water temperature. Excellent quick refresh before dinner, during which Loic from France catches up to us. Hadn't seen him in a while. We all chat for a bit while finishing our Ramen and head to bed early.