Shelter Cove

Day 104 · 07/08 · 17.0 miles

We arrive at Shelter Cove right when they start serving breakfast at 7 in the morning. For once no eggs with bacon and hashbrown but a breakfast burrito filled with eggs, bacon, sausage and other good stuff. And a pancake for desert.We have no big plans today as far as hiking goes, so we take a shower, do laundry, eat a cheeseburger, drink a beer and eat some icecream. Pretty much in that order.

There's a handful of SoBo - southbound - hikers present. They tend to start somewhere mid June to July at the Canadian border. Only a very small percentage thru-hikes the pct southbound though.

Halfway the afternoon we manage to get on trail again for about 11 more miles. We end the day with another lake swim - the one in the picture - in between setting up our tents and eating dinner at Bobby Lake.