Oregon magic

Day 105 · 08/08 · 29.6 miles

We have big plans for today. 36 miles to the Elk Lake Resort junction. The first 7.5 miles fly by in just over 2 hours. Unfortunately that is when we run into trail magic at Charlton Lake. Sparkles - not the one I hiked over Muir Pass with - and Hannes have set up camp there for three days of trail magic. Blueberry pancakes, eggs, fruit, cookies, soda and beer. Just as we are done eating, Duckie and his dad arrive with a bunch of coolers containing more magic. More cookies, soda and icecream. These 36 miles aren't happening today.

After 3 hours of eating, talking and relaxing, we finally manage to escape the magic and hike on 11 miles to a nice swim and lunch break at Stormy lake.

And then 12 miles to another swim and dinner at Dumbbell lake. At this point, we commit ourselves to swim in at least one lake each day throughout Oregon. It feels great to go for a lake swim after putting up your tent st the end of a long day of hiking.

I also listened to my first This American life podcast about the Fermi paradox. It was pretty bad. Maybe I was biased given the subject. I'll listen to another episode and hopefully change my opinion. It's a pretty popular podcast.