Matthieu Lake

Day 106 · 09/08 · 32.5 miles

We go through another big burned area in the morning. When we - as in everybody except me - get cell service near the junction to Elk Lake, we make arrangements with Twocan's dad to pick us up next morning for some time of in Sisters.

I also get on the WiFi using Autopilot's hotspot to cancel my phone plan. Haven't had any decent service in forever and the AT&T store in Ashland was of no help - "European phone, probably can't connect to some of our towers". Thanks. Somewhat ironic that I was unable to cancel my service earlier due to not having service.

We push on to Obsidian Falls for lunch. A very late lunch at 15h. We all just want to take a long nap instead of hiking on at this point. But eventually we do and find another nice lake to go for a pre-dinner swim.