Day 107 · 10/08 · 4.0 miles

The last mile before getting to the trailhead was again a lava field. Not the easiest to navigate but as we were only meeting with Twocan's dad at 8h, we could take it slowly and try to get the perfect picture as the sun was rising towards the mountain top.

There was a neat tower near the trailhead housing an observatory to give a look at all the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately visibility was pretty slim due to smoke but just visiting the little tower was well worth it.

When Gary picked us up a little later, he brought warm coffee and breakfast burritos with him. Perfect start of the day. The three of us stay in a little cabin next to their house, which Gary and his wife use as a project room.After showers, laundry and sandwiches for lunch, we get driven into town to do our resupply for the next few days. The rest of the afternoon we rest and play a game of Mollky - similar to Kubb. Throw wood to hit other wood. Afterwards we have a great bbq with some beers.