Day 109 · 12/08 · 31.1 miles

We get up and leave early, but late enough so we can drive by the Sisters bakery for some pastry. We make it back to the trail by 7h30 and right away pass by Coppertone's camper. We knew he was around but he seems to be still asleep as he has the schedule of doing trail magic in a certain place until Saturday, go to church on Sunday and then pack up and move on. We leave him a note.Late morning we pass through Big Lake Youth Camp. They have a cabin set up for hikers and as we are resting on a bench in the shade some little girls bring us all a cup of lemonade.

In the afternoon, we split up for the first time since the three of us started hiking together well over a month ago leaving Truckee. At the Santiam Pass trailhead Roadrunner and Autopilot wait for Twocan and Download. They are not too far behind and Twocan's dad is meeting them here for some trail magic. I have a weird schedule the upcoming days though towards the Timberline Lodge and hope to make it around 35 miles to make up for the longer stay in Sisters. No time to wait around :(

Well, that didn't happen. The terrain is tough and I decide to call it a day about 5 miles short of what I intended so I can set my tent up while there still is daylight. I find a nice open spot at Rockpile Lake allowing me to watch the Perseids when lying in my tent.