Day 11 · 06/05 · 13.0 miles

A fairly short 13 mile hike following the fire closure alternate to Idyllwild. When I woke up at Spitler Peak, I had 1 packet of instant oatmeal and 2 bars left. At least I won't be carrying needles weight.Right before entering the little town, I came across Anna and Gregg sitting by the road. Had a great time with them at Scout & Frodo but they left a day earlier for the trail. They soon got a ride into town, which I declined. But for sure we would go for a beer later today. Most hikers take a <i>zero<\i> - a day without any trail miles - at Idyllwild.

Larry Bird hitched here from the Paradise cafe to see a - very helpful - doctor and let her foot rest. So I messaged her when I got to the town center. She found a place to stay at trail angels and I got invited to join them for dinner.Put up my tent at the camp ground, took my first shower in too many days and bought - and ate - a jar of Talenti coffee and chocolate chip ice cream. Need the jar for cold soaking some food. The ice cream was a nice bonus.Off to dinner around 18h. Turns out the couple she is staying with are the same from whom I declined the ride. And they also invited Anna and Gregg. This is working out great! They made us a wonderful meal with some barbecue and fresh vegetables. And Fat Tire beer from the New Belgium brewery. Belgian style ale. Great evening!Not sure yet if and when I will hike out tomorrow as my knees don't seem very fond of going downhill.