Afternoon rest

Day 110 · 13/08 · 17.4 miles

Didn't get as far as I wanted yesterday, which means more miles today. First morning since Truckee, July 7th, that I'm not hiking out with Roadrunner and Autopilot. It feels weird not having the usual morning routine.As I couldn't participate in this year's Dodentocht - a 100 km hike in Belgium - I decided to do something similar on trail. Maybe it will be fun, maybe it's just a bad idea. I'll hike to about 65 miles before the Timberline Lodge, rest through the afternoon and then hike the 65 miles in 24 hours, from 19h to 19h.About 5 miles before getting to my resting spot, I run into the boyscouts. Very pleasant surprise as I hadn't seen them in quite a while.

Soon after Roadrunner and Autopilot show up as I'm resting after lunch at my resting spot. Even though they stayed at Santiam Pass waiting for the foxes and trail magic, they hiked late and got up at 4 today. And they packed a beer for me.They both have some shin pain though which worries me. I'd much rather make it to Canada together than to breakfast at the lodge - even if it's the best breakfast on trail.

I do feel a lot more confident about my upcoming endeavour after seeing them. This might not end as a trainwreck after all.