Timberline Lodge

Day 112 · 15/08 · 11.3 miles

Woke up, packed my stuff and walked a mile back to the breakfast buffet at the Timberline Lodge. As I was finishing up with a plate of fruit, Roadrunner and Autopilot popped in. It was great seeing them and they made quite the effort to make it here, hiking some long days and waking up very early - before 4 at night early. Unfortunately this also meant their shin splints got rather bad. Bad enough to change up our plans for Washington a bit. Shorter days and no idling around in towns. Good thing there hardly are towns anyway.

They did find some compression socks for snowboarding at the ski resort gift shop. Not perfect but hopefully it will help.Halfway through the afternoon we hiked out. My feet definitely started hurting a lot sooner than usual. We can all use some shorter days.

We camped on a side trail right after Ramona falls.