Cascade Locks

Day 114 · 17/08 · 10.8 miles

Another fairly steep downhill to Cascade Locks. We're close to sea level now at the lowest point on the pct.On the way down it hits me that brunch is simply a contraction of breakfast and lunch. Makes perfect sense when you think in English. In Dutch, you still use the word brunch but the words for breakfast and lunch are completely different. Well that was my aha moment of today.After breakfast, we go down to the Trail Days area to check it out. It's a three day event with gear vendors and events. Currently most vendors are still setting up. We run into Mousetrap and Pez and head over to the Thunder Island brewery for a beer and some food. They have a really cool system where other guests can pay it forward, buying pct hikers a beer using coasters.

Next we go to the Ale House. Not to get more beer but to pick up our resupply boxes. For me also new shoes - after only 550 miles this time. This pair should make it to Canada - and a NeoAir sleeping pad. Then I got a way too big soft icecream before we headed back to Trail Days.

We run into Twocan and get a message that Download just got in and is going to the Thunder brewery. I guess we're going for another beer. It doesn't take long before Larry Bird also shows up. All the people I've hiked with for more than a few days are here. Nice little reunion. Our plan of getting back on the trail that same evening soon becomes rather unrealistic. After a last beer st the Cascade Inn, we head over to an island in the Colombia river which serves as an overflow campsite to host all the hikers. Probably over a hundred of tents are already up when we finally get there around midnight.