Day 115 · 18/08 · 20.2 miles

Packing up at 6 after a short night of sleep. On our way to the family diner, we run into two ladies setting up a table for trail magic. Five minutes later we are enjoying some coffee and their first pancakes of the day.

Time to enter into the last state, Washington by crossing the Bridge of the Gods. I'd say this is, next to Kennedy Meadows, one of the more famous landmarks on the pct. Partially because this is where Cheryl Strayed - portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in Wild - ended her hike. For us it is 505 more miles to the Canadian border.

The trail after the bridge is quite rocky and steep, with lots of underbrush. I feel a sharp sting on my ankle and when I look down, I see a bee dangling from it. I pull it out and curse. Well, we now all had two bee stings. We can leave it at that.

We set up camp early evening on a nice site in the dense forest that reminds us of the Fireswamp from The Princess Bride. Hopefully there are no rodents of unusual size here.