Panther Creek Camp

Day 116 · 19/08 · 25.7 miles

The first 10 miles this morning were, like yesterday, tough. Actually all of Washington has been so far. Rocky trail with lots of overgrowth while climbing up and down steep hills, in a forest so dense I keep wondering if I'm wearing my sunglasses or not. And even though the forest is rather impressive, not having a wide open view after a tough climb doesn't make it easier, at least mentally.

Almost 15 miles in we take a long lunch break at the banks of Panther Creek. We intended to go for a swim but the water is freezing. It takes about 3 seconds before your feet start to hurt soaking them so we stick to just washing our legs and feet.The campground host is super friendly. She gives us some icecream, has a cooler with sodas for hikers and has put up some camping chairs to relax - which we gladly do. After a decent two hours of lunch break we finally hike on. Another 10 miles of climbing.