Day 12 · 07/05 · 0.0 miles

My first plan was to hike out late afternoon. Did my laundry in the morning but still had to plan the next stretch and buy resupplies.Kevin shows up at the campsite. He's not hiking out until tomorrow. Philippe joins us at the picnic table, looking for another person to share their cabin with. My planning is going nowhere with all this talking, so I decide to take the offer.Right after Larry Bird drops by to say hi as she is hiking out early afternoon. Not much later nobody is doing any hiking and we are sharing some beers in the cabin. Hans, with whom I hiked the first couple days, is also present, resting up an injury for several days. And he surely isn't the only one. Next up is a small climb to 10833 feet, followed by a descent all the way down to the desert floor at just under 1200 feet. I'll take the extra rest.In the evening, the six of us go to the dollar taco night for some nice food.And yes, resupplies were also bought!