Mt Rainier National Park

Day 122 · 25/08 · 0.0 miles

As we are pretty far from Packwood and the pct, we opt to stay another day in the park so Katie can drop us off in Packwood Sunday morning on her way to her research site fort he day.It's nice when you don't have to do anything at all, which is pretty rare during town visits. Most of the time you are busy with chores and resupplying.In the evening we drive from the park to the town to have some salad and pizza at Base Camp. One of the Wittaker brothers - the first American to climb Everest - was there too.

Afterwards, we join the shadows of the past walk in the park. Mt. Rainier National Park has its anniversary today and to celebrate there is a short walk through time, with historic figures along the path giving you insight in the park's history.