Day 124 · 27/08 · 25.2 miles

By morning it more or less stopped raining. We packed our - much heavier wet - stuff and headed out, encountering a mother elk with her baby soon after.

During our morning break we took our time to spread out all our wet gear - tent and sleeping bag - in the sun. Weather should stay good till Friday but hard to get good predictions as most towns are in the valley, while the trail follows the crest. And you travel north 25 miles each day.

At lunch we got some soda trail magic at the Chinook Pass trailhead. And as we were about to head back out, a lady came over with a cooler filled with beers and tiny sodas. So first a beer, then we'll hike out. We take the cooler and leave it where we rejoin the pct, as the lady requested.Early evening, we spot 5 elk standing on a ridge for quite a while. The zoomed in photo doesn't do it much justice as their silhouettes against the setting sun were quite the view. Entering a large burned area we finally lose sight of them as we put up our tents in one of our worst camp spots so far.