Snoqualmie Pass

Day 127 · 30/08 · 8.8 miles

We arrive at Snoqualmie Pass in time for breakfast. We go to the Pancake House. I still end up eating a traditional breakfast with eggs, bacons, hashbrown and toast. Afterwards we head to the coffee house to enjoy some fast WiFi. And coffee. While planning how to get to the border and Vancouver given the fire closure between Harts Pass and the border, the pcta - Pacific Crest Trail Association - posted a new alternate going to the northern terminus! I'm crying. We're all super excited that we now can continue our hike to the border and into Canada.After my coffee I go to the store to buy supplies while Roadrunner and Autopilot check in to their room at the inn. They are pretty strict on two persons per room so I stay at the Washington Alpine club with Loic and Larry Bird amongst others. This cabin is just amazing. The common room is like a mountaineering museum, with a bookcase housing a National Geographic collection spanning the past 5 decades.

And National Park Monopoly. I play some table tennis with Loic before taking a shower and head over to the brewery to have dinner with Roadrunner and Autopilot.