Emotional rollercoaster

Day 128 · 31/08 · 26.7 miles

In the morning, I head back over to the town to meet up with Roadrunner and Autopilot for breakfast - again at the pancake house, which is in the same building as the hotel they stayed at. We sit down together with Windburn, Skitch and Walking Home - whom we met during our stay in Etna and leapfrogged with ever since.As I'm about to head out, I run into Silverfox who just got in. Always nice to see him and have a little talk. Afterwards, I give my hiking friends a big hug as I'll be hiking out alone - I have a plane to catch in a few weeks, fire detours and them meeting up with family makes for some unclear planning. We might meet up again though when I'll be leaving Stevens Pass in a few days due to some private trail magic.I grab a hot coco and some wifi and finally head out somewhere between 9 and 10. The rest of the day felt like a rollercoaster. The trail, the weather and my emotions. I hiked for 11 hours straight, not really taking any break, apart from briefly filtering 1 liter of water. It's strange to hike alone after spending months with the same people, all day, every day. Drizzling rain in the morning, stunning open views in the afternoon.

I definitely think a lot more about the end. It's a mixed feeling. Being so close you really want to get to Canada, but you also realize that when you do, the adventure will be over. And you don't want that. As Roadrunner tends to say when we are having dinner at yet another beautiful camp spot "Life is good guys".

How I like my trails..