Piper Pass

Day 129 · 01/09 · 29.1 miles

Hope to cover anything close to 30 miles to day so I get to Stevens Pass before noon tomorrow. At 5h I really don't feel like getting up and set my alarm for 5h30. And then to 6h. Not the best start of the day. I'm just not feeling it. Waking up alone on trail for the first time in what feels like forever.

I take a nice lunchbreak sitting on a rock with view, drinking my last coffee from the Callahans Lodge hikerbox. I feel a lot happier in the afternoon, with the sun out. I put up camp at the first available - one person - spot just over Piper Pass, making it 15 miles to Stevens Pass tomorrow.

Hopefully I can find some WiFi at the Ski Resort before hitching to Skykomish. I have a resupply box there, but tomorrow is Sunday. And the day after is labor day. Not waiting around for two days for the post office to open again.