Stevens Pass

Day 130 · 02/09 · 15.2 miles

I arrive at Stevens Pass a few minutes before noon. The ski resort is buzzing with mountain bikers and the rental place luckily has some public WiFi. I soon find out they were unable to move my box to the inn in Skykomish so I'll have to find some other food. I have some leftovers from the previous resupply so don't need all that much. No drama. Easy hitch to SKykomish but no shops or hard longer hitch to Leavenworth for more options. As I don't need too much and heard nice things about eating in Skykomish, I decide to hitch there.

About 10 minutes later, I'm on my way to Skykomish. Resupply options are the burger/milkshake place which offers some basic hiker resupply such as noodles, bars and candy. And a gas station. Both limited options and expensive. I eat a burger and buy some hard earned tuna packs.After another fast hitch back to Stevens Pass, bump into Larry Bird who is just about to get back to the trail and I try to meet up with Loic as it seems like a good idea to hike together for the last stretch as our planes home are almost at the same time. He got to Stevens Pass about half an hour after me, but hitched to Leavenworth. And is having a hard time getting a hitch back.As said, we have some private trail magic though. Late afternoon, I head to the parking lot to find Gary and Gretchen. They drove here all the way from sisters to meet up again. Great to see them again. We have a few beers and talk, while waiting for Roadrunner and Autopilot to get here. We all have dinner together and I'm for sure am not getting back to the trail today. I'll make up some miles tomorrow. I have no idea where Loic ended up, as he hadn't found a ride yet after a few hours of hitching.