Bear cub 4000

Day 131 · 03/09 · 29.3 miles

Around 4 in the morning it starts to rain. And of course this is the one day I didn't use my rainfly in Washington. So I get out of my tent and put it on. I don't do a good job, but enough to cover everything from getting wet.When I get up, Gary is already up and about and has made me some coffee, while Gretchen has ziplocked some grapes and a banana.I hit the trail around 5h30 as planned. A few hours in, a southbound hiker warns me about a bear cub high up in a tree right next to the trail, with the mother watching from the bushes nearby. I'm excited to see more bears. Impressive how the little fellow can climb up and down a tree so easily.

A little after, as I am taking a morning break to dry my tent, Loic pops up. He finally managed to hitch back to Stevens Pass and just cowboy camped on the terras next to the building. As I didn't resupply a lot, I make sure I have a jar full of huckleberries to supplement my normal food. Eating a tortilla with Nutella and berries saves me a tuna pack. And is more delicious.

We try to get close to 30 miles, as the detour to Stehekin seems fairly long. After lunch at a nice lake, we set up camp at another nice lake - Lake Sally Ann. In between, we pass the 4000 km marker. Wow.