Mica Lake

Day 132 · 04/09 · 27.3 miles

With the full fire detour, it's quite a way to Stehekin. On a trail that has a lot of elevation gain and is less well maintained than the pct - I bumped my head quite hard against an overhanging branch. Most hikers we come across are in the same boat as Loic and I. Enough food for about 4 days to cover the 115 miles to Stehekin. No easy days yet.There are a lot of night pit toilets - just a wooden cube with a whole - in Washington. I used one this morning, enjoying the sunrise.

I get to Mica Lake, our agreed campspot for the night a bit before Loic and manage to spill half a can of coke inside my tent. Good thing we're camping at a lake so plenty of water to clean up. Loic got some dinners from another hiker Sarah, which makes it a bit easier for us. We can now get to Stehekin on the morning of the 7th instead of pushing to get their for dinner on the 6th.