Holden Village

Day 134 · 06/09 · 22.0 miles

Early morning, we soon got to the Cloudy trail junction where the fire detour starts. Taking a detour from the pct generally means the trail is much less well maintained. More logs to crawl over and more underbrush covering the trail. The climb up to Cloudy Pass is quite steep but beautiful. Halfway up, we cross a ranger with whom we talk for a little while. She tells us to make sure to check out the upcoming lakes as they are gorgeous.

We make it to Holden Village by lunchtime. We kind of planned for this. All you can eat lunch halfway through the detour. Yes please. Holden Village used to be a small copper mining community and now transformed into a Lutheran retreat center. Lunch consisted of vegan sandwiches which was pretty good. We both ate 3 double ones. Needles to say, we both overate. It took us about an hour and a half of sitting in a couch before we could get ourselves to hike again.

The rest of the detour trail was again quite hard, but absolutely stunning. We also saw two more almost adult black bears. That's 4 bears in just 3 days. We hike on till 19h so we have a short walk to the Harlequin Bridge to Stehekin tomorrow morning.