Day 135 · 07/09 · 8.7 miles

We get to Harlequin bridge well before the first shuttle bus would arrive so we device to just hike on towards the bakery. Not much later we manage to get a hitch there from a friendly local though.The bakery was as good as everybody was telling us these past weeks. We have a pastry breakfast and I pack out a huge cinnamon roll and a build your own sandwich. The bakery shuttle bus drops us off at the ferry landing, where the post office, store and other facilities are located.

We pick up our resupply boxes at the post office and on our way back to the big porch near the ferry landing, we spot Roadrunner and Autopilot. They made it to Holden Village early this morning and took the ferry across the lake to Stehekin instead of hiking the second part of the detour.

Around noon, the four of us take the shuttle to the Stehekin Village Ranch where we will spend the night. After laundry and a shower, Loic and I spend the rest of the afternoon playing table tennis, some volleyball and doing nothing.As it's Friday, dinner is barbeque. After dinner we hang out for a little while before heading to bed. Tomorrow we will hike out with the four of us together once more!