Rainy Pass

Day 137 · 09/09 · 26.3 miles

We hike out with the four of us. Right before getting to Rainy Pass, there is a tiny northern terminus monument. Given the current detour is only a few days old, many hikers before us had to end there hike here. The 60 miles after Rainy Pass had no car access so if you hiked on to the trail closure at Harts Pass, you had to backtrack here to get a ride. Nice to see, but also sad. We're really lucky we can hike to the northern monument and Canada without much hassle.At 9h, we meet up with a cousin of Roadrunner at the Rainy Pass trailhead. We hang out for a little while, eating some nice things she brought. Loic and I hike out, while Roadrunner and Autopilot stay a little while longer.

People had told us the views between Rainy and Harts Pass were some of the best and they weren't lying. Washington is just gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. And we pass the last marker. 2600 miles done!

Around 18h Roadrunner and Autopilot also make it to the campspot. Not the best one, but we can make it work for three tents. Not soon after we have them up, rain starts. Hopefully it stops by morning.55 miles left to Manning Park - about 9 miles after the Canadian border- so preferably at least 28 tomorrow.