Harts Pass

Day 138 · 10/09 · 30.0 miles

Day 138. Last full day on trail. Rain stopped late into the night. I pack up with Loic at 5h30. Roadrunner and Autopilot left half an hour earlier. I don't like starting out in the dark too much though. We'll catch up.

The morning consisted of rain, hail and even some snow. First snow of the season. Not much and tiny flakes, but still snow. Sometimes there also was a hint of sun making its way through the clouds.

We catch up to our companions a bit before Harts Pass, where we take a longer morning break to dry out all our stuff. This is where the next fire detour starts.The afternoon is mostly sunny but with an icy cold wind. Views are still incredible. Just plain incredible. We camp at the last spot in the detour, together with Rally, before the trail turns west to reconnect with the pct. Our last US dinner with 18 miles left to Canada!