Day 139 · 11/09 · 18.0 miles

This is it. 18 more miles to Canada and the northern terminus of the pct. We have walked and waited four and a half months for this day. All morning I'm in awe of the beauty of Washington. Even so close to the end, every single mile of trail is still stunning.

Around noon, we make it to the Canadian border. Yesterday and early morning today, I felt pretty emotional, but now we are actually at the monument, I don't feel anything. Which in itself is also a pretty strange feeling. I'm not overwhelmed with joy, nor sad. I just feel empty. So I just sit down and stare at the monument for a while trying to figure out what I am feeling. What I should feel.When we're sitting there for a while, Windburn, Walking Home and Skitch also make it to the end. We share some Jack Daniels and finally get ourselves to make lunch and take the obligatory pictures afterwards.

Now all that is left is a 8.4 mile hike into Canada to the Manning Park Resort. This would be the longest 8.4 miles on trail by far.After checking in, we have dinner and I go for a swim with Loic. A few other hikers join us in the hot tub and one of them lives near Langley, on the way to Vancouver. His parents are picking him up tomorrow to drive home and he might be able to arrange some spots for us to get to Vancouver.During breakfast the next day, he comes over to tell his dad can drop us of at the terminus of the Sky Train, which goes straight into downtown Vancouver. Just great as Loic and I really weren't looking forward to standing next to the highway in the cold trying to find a ride. We go for another swim before checking out and catch our ride to Vancouver at noon.