Interstate 10

Day 14 · 09/05 · 24.9 miles

Woke up with Philippe just after 4h to get to the next water source at mile 205 before it gets too hot. Well that didn't work out. Even at 6h in the morning you already felt the heat. Philippe, Larry Bird and me finally got to the faucet around 9h. We underestimated the heat and should have brought more water when refilling almost 20 miles back. Too hot, too soon. Camel up 2 liters and bring another 3 to hike just a bit further to the crossing with Interstate 10.

We got to the bridge around 11h30. And stayed till well after 18h. You don't want to be out in the open on the desert floor when temperatures go to 100°F - ≈38°C.Another 9 miles to the Whitewater Preserve. Another underestimation of the elevation. The climb up and especially the descent right after the Mesa windfarm was brutal. Being pitch dark outside didn't help. Larry Bird and I finally made it to the Preserve around 22h. We just cowboy camped till 4h and got moving again. In hindsight we shouldn't have bothered with going to the Whitewater Preserve.