Big Bear Lake

Day 17 · 12/05 · 8.2 miles

Woke up by what I thought was a familiar voice. When I popped my head out of my tent, I saw Eric chatting with Kevin. I got up, packed up and we headed out to the trailhead. We hardly had to wait to get a hitch into town. Someone was dropping of two hikers and wanted to give us a ride All of us. We now know 7 people plus 5 backpacks fit into 1 Ford....Phillip already arranged a room at the Big Bear Village lodge for us. $70 for a room that could easily fit 10 hikers. Great deal!

We had hiker special breakfast, lunch at Taco Bell, and homemade spaghetti for dinner. Calories are good. In between the typical trail town chores were done. Shower, laundry and resupplying. Later that afternoon, Larry Bird also joined us.

Bottom half is my food. Already did a much better job than last time getting some more variety in my snacks. Weight also went up considerably though :( It is supposed to get me to Wrightwood, 103 miles away. There is a McDonald's after 76 miles when the pct crosses an interstate so you can always resupply there. Or do the McDouble challenge. Eat everything in your foodbag by the time you hit the McDonald's and resupply with McDoubles only to get you to Wrightwood.Lastly, we passed mile 265 - ≈430km - so 10% of the trail done. It felt like the first big milestone. Much more so than passing the 100 mile marker.