Organize your pack

Day 18 · 13/05 · 12.3 miles

Took some extra rest in the morning before getting a ride back to the trailhead just before noon, together with Larry Bird, Kevin and Phillip. Right before leaving Hans dropped by. He stayed one more day in the cabin in Idyllwild and just made it to Big Bear Lake. Nice to see him again. The rest of the day was a generic 12 mile hike.So how is my backpack organized?

I'm using an Osprey Exos 58. Probably the most used pack on trail. I left the top brane at home as it's extra weight and you can't acces it without taking off your pack.Main compartment - on the bottom I have my sleeping bag in a trash compactor bag. It's the one thing you really don't want to get wet. Above I have ziplock bags with things I probably don't need during the day. Medication, first aid, toiletries. Next is my tent and drysack with clothes, my cooking gear and drysack with electronics. And last, on top, goes my food bag.Side mesh pockets - one side has a 1L Smartwater bottle and my tentpoles. The other side holds a bottle and my sun umbrella. And from time to time they hold my trekking poles.Front mesh pocket - holds a ziplock with my notebook and pen, a ziplock for trash and my water filter. I also hang my (sun)glasses here.Belt pouches - the pack comes without so I got two hipbelt pouches from Zpacks and attached them with some zipties. The right side holds my headlight, spork and some small snacks such as M&M's and Gummi bears. The left side has some bigger daily snacks such as bars, Poptarts and Snickers. The headlight should probably just be in my electronics bag.Shoulder pouch - as the pack also came without any shoulder strap pouches, I attached the little stuff sack of my pillow to one of them to hold my chapstick, sunscreen and earbuds.Probably things will change when we hit the Sierras and you are required to carry a bear canister but for now this setup seems to work.