Coppertone hot springs marathon

Day 20 · 15/05 · 27.1 miles

Starting the day early by getting up around 4h seems to be the new normal. Hiked some miles to get to the Deep Creek hot springs early. We soaked a bit in the natural hot tub before starting the next hiking part of the day a bit after 9h.

Hike some miles, hike some more. After a little break at a river crossing, Phillip and I were talking about the trail magic so far when we stumbled upon trail angel Coppertone and his camper. A few chairs set up in the shade under a tree and a table filled with fruit and cookies. On top we got offered a Root Beer float. Soda with a whole bunch of ice cream floating in it. We didn't linger around too long though as we wanted to put all this sugar to good use. After leaving, I really regretted not having taken a picture.We wanted to camp at Silvercreek Lake a decent 24 miles in, but there simply weren't any spots to put down a tent. So we kept hiking, which unwillingly led to our first marathon day on trail. Over 42.195km or 26.219 miles in one day. We ended up camping at the Cleghorn Picnic area, just 13 miles shy of the Cajun Pass McDonalds.