Day 22 · 17/05 · 13.1 miles

The morning hike to Wrightwood was of course harder than expected. More Ibuprofen. Luckily though, yet again a ride into town was presenting itself. A nice fellow who just got back from a morning hike to Mount Baden Powell was willing to drop us off at Wrightwood, a little hiker-friendly mountain town. You immediately notice when they have charging stations everywhere.

We went to the hardware store to sign the trail register and got a free pct pin. We then called some trail angels to try find a nice place to stay. And we did! The four of us stayed the night in the trailer on the driveway of angel Kathy.

The hospitality is just amazing. Opening up your house to complete strangers, allowing you to shower, do laundry, a place to sleep. We took a shower, dropped our bags and went to have a beer with some other hikers. Coincidentally the pub had Taco Thursday. Still ended up in bed pretty early though.