Rancho Cucamanga

Day 23 · 18/05 · 2.3 miles

Yes that is the actual name of a town. And we did go there. After doing our laundry in the morning, we found a trail angel willing to give us a ride to REI in Rancho Cucamanga. I was on the lookout for a knee brace and a 2L squeeze bag for filtering my water as I really dislike the one I currently use. Seems to leak slightly and not always easy to screw on the Sawyer filter properly.

Didn't find a knee brace at REI, so Carol - the trail angel - drove us to Walmart afterwards. They had plenty of knee braces. And a small bottle of rum for the summit of Mount Baden Powell tomorrow.We don't want to take a full zero, but close. Just get back on trail in the evening so we can have an early start. Hard to find a hitch out of town at 5h in the morning.When we got back from our city trip, Kevin and I went over to the hardware store to ditch some gear in the hikerbox. Halfway there a guy walks up to us and offers us a ride back to the trailhead that evening in exchange for a postcard. I love how all hitches just present itself.We grab some food and take him up on his offer. Not much later, all of us - including Hans, Eric and Yoan, who has been sauntering with Hans since Idyllwild - are back on the pct. Just a few miles and set up camp at the Jackson Flat campground.