Mount Baden Powell

Day 24 · 19/05 · 24.4 miles

Typical 4h wake up. We start the day by hiking to the top of Mount Baden Powell. Our little bottle of rum at the summit was great to counter the cold wind. After some pictures, we start the first decent of the day. I really hope this knee brace works.

There is a lot of elevation today. Americans can check the image. The rest of the world, we climbed 1829 meters and descended 2164 meters in one day The entire descent though I didn't feel any pain. At first wasn't sure if it was due to the knee brace, Ibuprofen or rum, but as time went on, I got more confident it really was the brace holding my knee together.As it is Saturday, we meet a lot of boy scouts hiking up Baden Powell. One group of middle schoolers even hands out Snickers - of all snacks - to pct hikers. They did their homework!

More trail magic later on as we cross a young couple on a parking lot. The woman tells us she wants to hike the pct one day and that she left a cooler just up the trail. Sure enough we soon find a cooler with Gatorade and fresh fruit! Great trail karma for you! These little gestures of kindness really make your day.

We end the day at Cooper Canyon campground which is packed with young boyscouts. It's still Saturday. I finally remember to glue my shoes back together and put some duct tape on to let it dry overnight. I'm not very confident that this will work.