Day 25 · 20/05 · 25.9 miles

After Baden Powell, we felt great. Let's do our first 30 mile day. Days almost never turn out as planned out here though. It's great. Larry and I got to the Mill Creek Fire station around 14h, already 23.3 miles in. Easy to make it to 30 today.

Right before the fire station, there was a trail angel note with number to call if you needed help. Since it was still early afternoon, Larry decided to try and find cell service to contact the trail angel as she was having some knee trouble. Not much later, I'm eating mashed potatoes by the road with Kevin and Phillip, and Larry is on her way to town.

The trail angel brought me Belgian chocolate chips - made in Mol of all places and got us fresh strawberries as well. It was already way past 17h though and we decided to only hike on to the first decent campsite. No 30 miles today, but still enough miles to make it to the Acton KOA tomorrow afternoon.That was not all though. When we were sitting by the road waiting, another woman stopped by. She talked a bit with us and then drove on. Hans and Yoan were also present by then. When Larry got back, most of us hiked on right away. Hans and Yoan lingered a bit longer by the road. And good they did as the woman drove home, ordered pizza and drove back to the side of the road. Hans and Yoan ate some and then took the rest with them a few miles up the mountain to where we were camping. So there we were, on top of the mountain, away from civilization, eating pizza in front of our tent. Another great and unexpected day on trail.