Misty mountains

Day 26 · 21/05 · 23.1 miles

One big advantage of getting up at 4h and hiking out by 4h30 is that you get to see a beautiful sunrise every day. And today was no exception. The past week we have mainly be hiking westward towards the Pacific. Clouds get formed over the ocean during the night and roll in through the valley early morning. All morning we were hiking in or above the clouds. By noon, I had taken well over 100 pictures. I hope they do the actual sight any justice.I did get quite cold from time to time when hiking inside a cloud and couldn't wear my puffy - down jacket - due to the moisture.

Once it cleared up it was a straightforward hike to the Acton KOA. Right before getting there though, we ran into someone familiar! Coppertone, who we met May 15th, moved his camper and is now doing a week of trail magic at Acton. I sure enjoyed another of his root beer floats. Next week, he drives up to Tehachapi so we might meet again. I sure hope so! I did take a picture this time!

At the campground we set up tents, took a shower and spent a few hours in the hot - warm - tub. Washing machine is broken so hopefully we can do laundry in Hiker heaven tomorrow.