Hiker Heaven

Day 27 · 22/05 · 10.3 miles

Phillip and I slep late this morning and got up around 5h30. Only 10 .miles to Agua Dulce - Hiker Heaven - so we got there fairly early. The place is like Scout & Frodo in the desert, with all the facilities hikers dream of. We set up camp and dropped our laundry, which they do for you.

Phillip had the great idea of getting an Uber to Walmart to resupply. More options and a lot cheaper. We found two more people - the supersiblings - to go with us, making it a cheap ride.The Walmart was gigantic, even for American standards. I tried taking a picture but it just didn't fit. I'm sure we covered a few off trail miles going through all the isles. When waiting for the ride back, we quickly grabbed some burgers at the in-store McDonalds. I paid about $100 for the ride, McDo and 14+ days of food and snacks.Back at Hiker Heaven, I put about 8 days worth of food in a flat rate box to ship to Lone Pine in the Sierras. I really need to start thinking about my Sierra resupply plan. In general, you either take about 11 days of food and go straight from Kennedy Meadows to Vermillion Valley Resort - ≈176 miles with a lot of elevation - or spend a day to get out of the mountains so you can resupply and split your food carry. Or get out of the mountains twice and split up the carry even more. Plus an extra day of food to summit Mount Whitney. Given the box I sent to Lone Pine, I currently lean towards one resupply there and then try to reach VVR in 8 or 9 days. But don't have to make a final decision until Lone Pine. Bear canister plus microspikes plus 9 days of food will be a heavy carry.

So Hiker Heaven. By the time we got back from Walmart, the place was packed with hikers. We hung out, made the hotdogs we got at Walmart and tried to get at least some sleep. Rather unsuccessfully.

Bonus: this rock is featured in a ton of movies and tv series, such as Star Trek, MacGuyver, Blazing Saddles and Planet of the apes.