Casa de Luna zero

Day 29 · 24/05 · 0.0 miles

So here we are at Casa de Luna. A very special place, run by trail angels Terry and Joe Anderson. It would be easy to lose track of time and spend multiple days here.When you arrive here, you follow a few rules. First give Terry a big hug, next pick a Hawaiian shirt from the rack and put it on. Then you can go pitch your tent in the magic forest behind the backyard. More on the forest later.

After the pancake breakfast, we went to the Heart n Soul coffee house as there is no cell service in town and they have terrific WiFi. I had to update my blog and order new shoes from REI. They are sent to Kennedy Meadows so my current ones still have to hold out for another 200 miles. I probably should have ordered sooner as the thread near the heel is mostly gone already. My feet really hurt on downhill miles after 20. Hiking is hard.So, blog got updated, had late breakfast with a hot chocolate and took a banana milkshake on my way back to Casa de Luna. Hiking is hard...We spent the afternoon playing cornhole - try throwing bean bags into a hole in a wooden board - and painting rocks for the magic forest. It's wonderful to walk through and look at all the painted rocks - hundreds of them. I'll end this post with plenty of colorful pictures. We all slept very well in this strange place last night.

Right before the taco salad dinner at 19h, we packed our bags to get back to the trailhead right after. First, something else after dinner though. All new hikers form a line and one by one do a little dance to receive their class of 2018 pct bandana. We already did so yesterday.

After dinner, Terry herself was kind enough to drive us back to the trailhead. It's great when you can start the day on trail.The people you meet, the places you go, it all seems so far away from our Western reality. It feels like a completely different world out here.