Pioneer Mail picnic area

Day 3 · 28/04 · 15.9 miles

Packed up my tent and arrived at the Mount Laguna Pine house and tavern just after 9h. Had a great breakfast - even though I guess any off trail breakfast will fall into the great category from now on - and wrote down all reliable water sources from here to Warner Springs at mile 109.5. There weren't many.

Took some rest but it didn't feel as hot as the previous days so around 13h30 hiked out with Larry Bird - trail name she got hiking the AT in 2016, not the basketball player - and Kevin. We made it to the Pioneer Mail picnic area around 19h. Later than expected. As most picnic areas in the US, it's day use only. But there were already some tents up, and it had water and an outhouse so we decided to live the dangerous life and put down our tents as well. We didn't plan on sleeping late anyway.