Bear camp

Day 30 · 25/05 · 25.7 miles

A quiet day on trail shortening the distance to Tehachapi, the last resupply stop before leaving the desert behind at Kennedy Meadows.During our first break and last water refill, right after both Phillip and put down our Osprey Exos packs - an excellent backpack and one of the most used on trail - another hiker starts off on a rant against it to his friend not acknowledging we were there. Not cool man! And rather unjustified. I took a few liters - it's uncommonly cold -, not planning to refill at one of the 3 more sketchy water sources in the next 30 miles and hiked on.Near the end of the day, cold really set in so we cut our last break short and pushed on to Bear Camp. As Larry was a bit behind, we made a sign of rocks and twigs to let her know where we were camping. Trail communication at its finest.

And we walked 500 miles and I would walk 500 more.