Hikertown aquaduct

Day 31 · 26/05 · 22.4 miles

The morning at Bear Camp was miserable. We woke up in the middle of a cloud and by the time my wet tent was packed, my shoes and socks were soaked from walking through the wet grass.

The first part was getting to Hikertown. A cold walk through damp clouds. Halfway there I wanted to eat a bar but my hands were to numb to open the wrapper. You don't need gloves in the desert.. Right about this time, it actually started to rain. This day is going great so far! Crazy to think last year people got airlifted out of this section due to dehydration and the heat. I guess we actually are lucky it's rather cold instead of the normal 100°F.A few miles before Hikertown, we finally got below the clouds and temperatures went up. Hikertown is probably the weirdest place so far on trail. Not sure how to describe it.

After drying all our stuff in the sun, we hiked out with 8 people late afternoon - Phillip, Kevin and me together with Giggles, Roadrunner and Jang, and Loic and Martin from France - to start one of the more famous sections of the trail. The LA aquaduct. A lot of people nighthike this section, but given the relatively cold weather, that's not really necessary now.Larry Bird didn't hike out with our group as she is going to zero here to see a doctor. I hope she's fine and will catch up to us again soon. Another side of the trail life. You meet people, hike with the same small group for weeks and then suddenly they are a few days ahead when struggling with an injury. We left her a note just before leaving Hikertown.

After Hikertown, you start the aquaduct - gathering mountain water and take it to LA - section. An hour in, a pickup drove by and handed us all a beer. We decided to do about 10 miles and then cowboy alongside the trail. There were 6 of us to camp. We lost the French a few miles before. It was extremely windy and quiet bright during the night as we are a few days away from a full moon. Not the best night of sleep on trail. Beautiful sunset and rise made up for it though.