Day 32 · 27/05 · 22.8 miles

As 83.3% of the group - that's 5 out of 6 - cowboy camped last night, we were back on the trail by 4h20. 7 miles in was our first water refill. And some weekend campers had set up a nice trail magic shelter. I took a bagel which was great together with the tuna package I was still carrying around.We are currently in Antelope Valley, which is famous for its solar and wind energy. Soon we were walking amidst endless arrays of windmills.

Late morning, the heat set in and we soon took our sun umbrellas out. Or at least four of us did. Kevin and Phillip hid in a tree trying to find a cool spot, while team umbrella - Giggles, Roadrunner, Autopilot and me - hiked on uphill under our private shade.

At the top of the climb, right before getting to a possible camping spot, we ran into some great trail magic by Daniel. Watermelon, cookies and an actual cake! It really lifts your spirit each time you run into trail magic, no matter how small or big.

After relaxing at Daniel's little hideout, we decided to only go to the next campsite .6 miles further. The morning hike will be slightly longer but given how early we start each day, we still should be able to make it to Tehachapi by noon. Thanks to Roadrunner, we already have a room booked at the Marriott.We ended the day playing some party games such as Maffia, again going to bed too late given our morning schedule.